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Igalo weather & Herceg Novi Weather

Herceg Novi has a special microclimate, which is the result of factors such as proximity to the sea, the limestone substrate, and mountainous hinterland that prevent the breakthrough of cold air masses.

  • Igalo (Herceg Novi Riviera) is located at the gates of the magnificent Boka Bay.
    Region Boka Bay has a mild Mediterranean climate, which is inherent in the dry hot summers and mild winters.
    The average annual temperature in Igalo is +16,2 ° C. In addition, the average temperature from May to September is +26 ° C , there are over 250 sunny days in a year and average temperature of the sea water during summer months reaches +23 – +27 ° C.

  • Igalo & Herceg Novi weather in December, January and February
    Winter is warm enough for walking and sightseeing – daily temperature is from 9-14 degrees, a light breeze is blowing.At night the temperature drops from 0 to 3 degrees.Frequent southerly winds that blow from land to sea, causing the rain and freshness.Snow and freezing winters are very rare.

  • Herceg Novi & Igalo weather in March and April
    With the arrival of spring, air and water temperatures begin to rise.Average daily air temperature at this time is from 15-19 degrees, water is still cold – from 15-19 degrees.At night, cold enough 4-8 degrees, so jacket may be necessary.Mid-spring is well suited for trips and long walks in the open air – the day is quite warm and comfortable, but the heat has not yet begun.

  • Igalo & Herceg Novi weather in May
    In May officially starts tourist beach season, as the water in the second half of the month is warmer than 20 degrees.In May, you can always get a tan – daytime temperatures in the shade rising to 23-25 degrees, and the sun warms, but not burn.

  • Herceg Novi & Igalo weather in June
    In June begins the summer – daytime temperatures grow to 25-33 degrees and the water is heated to 25 degrees and swimming is nice.
  • Herceg Novi & Igalo weather in July and August
    July and August – the hottest and driest months.Daytime temperatures in the shade is up to 40 degrees, at night is kept around 24 degrees.In the morning is usually the most pleasant weather for sunbathing – the air about 25 degrees.
  • Igalo & Herceg Novi weather in September
    Perfect month for a peaceful vacation.Swimming season is up to 20. September, often up to 1. October.
  • Igalo & Herceg Novi weather in October
    In October daytime temperatures drop to 20-23 degrees and the water temperature cools down to 20.It rains more often.At that time water sports are active – scuba diving and windsurfing.
  • Herceg Novi & Igalo weather in November
    Air and water temperature drops to 17-19 degrees. Usually it is rainy.
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